product and materials

how do you make the product?
we handcrafted our product with exceptional quality and exquisite design to pull timeless and long-lasting jewelry.

what kind of material do you use?
most of our products made from natural stone which contains blemishes and exotic shapes. because no piece is exactly the same, each material has its own character and matchless design.

why choose natural stone?
natural stone retains its colors and only fades at a really slow pace. as a result, our product is more long-lasting than using plastic beads. besides, natural stone is excellent for soothing and cleansing negativity. it enhances mental function and rebalancing body, mind, and spirit. besides, natural stone relieves tension and stabilizes the aura.

what is pearl?
pearls is a mixture of mineral and organic materials formed inside the soft tissue of a living mollusk. the most common pearl types are natural pearls and cultured pearls (saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls).

what makes your product different from others?
we are super selective with our materials, aiming for irreplaceable and sustainable products to act against fast fashion. that's why we handcrafted our jewelry carefully with durable characteristic materials and timeless design. jewelry is an investment, we want to ensure you the best quality

can I pre-order the product?
you can only pre-order for certain items. we also sell our ready product based on the availability of warehouse stock. make sure to buy the product before it sold out.

when are you going to re-stock?
our product is made in limited stock due to its materials. it will be undetermined to re-stock the collection. however, we will regularly make a new collection, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information.

what will I get from my order?
besides your purchased product, your package will include a thank you card and pouch(es) to store your jewelry. for all purchases on pair of earrings will get a free polishing cloth to clean your jewelry.