how to order

how can I order from the website?
  1. see available products. click "Add to Cart" on the product you like
  2. click the icon "Cart" to see what product you've already added
  3. process your order by clicking the "Checkout" button
  4. if you are a member, simply sign in. otherwise, you can sign up or checkout as guest
  5. click "Place Order" button
  6. you will later receive an email for order confirmation. make sure to confirm your payment within 24 hours to secure your order

I already created my account but have trouble when signing in, what should I do?
you can click here to reset your password and follow the instruction. if this doesn't help, you can still process the order by sign in as a guest

what payment method can I use?
  • bank transfer to BCA 2670376462 a/n Anya Felitta
  • virtual account : Mandiri, BNI, Permata (+ admin fee Rp4.000)
  • Go-Pay/QRIS (free admin fee)
  • Shopee Pay (free admin fee)

I already paid for my order, what should I do next?
please confirm your payment within 24 hours by following the instruction from our email. otherwise, it will automatically cancel your order. after we verify your payment, your order will be processed.

I didn't receive the email to confirm my payment, what should I do?
you can confirm your payment on this page

hat will I get from my order?
besides your purchased product, your package will include a thank you card and pouch(es) to store your jewelry. for all purchases on pair of earrings will get a free polishing cloth to clean your jewelry.

can I order from another platform?
yes, you can order via instagram direct message or Whatsapp (+62)8 515 847 5552