Jun 30 2021

three reasons why our interchangeable charms prevent the evil cycle of fast fashion

Trend in fashion is not always new. Why? Let's see how fashion repeats itself. With a little creativity and innovation, ‘trend’ is being reintroduced as a new start of the fashion cycle. When the fashion trend gets its recognition, people will start wearing ‘trendy’ outfits everyday, increasing consumer demand, and causing mass production from retailers at lower price. However, once the trend becomes too mainstream, people might lose interest and flee to the nearest department store to get the next thing that is on ‘trend’. As we can say, the cycle just reached its last stage and turned trendy items into outdated fashion.

Following new trends in the fashion industry might be exhausting for some people. Especially when the trend only lasts for a short period. Fast fashion is not good for the environment as it is quickly fanished, easily disposable, and not intended to be worn multiple times. Yes, it may be affordable and harmless to buy something trivial that is currently on trend. But, it can be problematic because the industry continuously produces massive amounts of trendy pieces with cost efficiency and delicate quality.  As a result, it contributes to harmful impacts on the environment such as pollution, toxic chemicals, waste, and human right violation including exploitation wages. 

An alternative to prevent the environmental impact of fast fashion is by buying responsibly from shops that hold value of slow fashion. We, bibiembi, hope to act against fast fashion by carefully handcrafting our jewelry and providing designs that could easily become a staple. Jewelry should be considered as an investment and have excellent quality that could last for a long time. A big part of wearing jewelry is how special some pieces can become, the more personal they are the more you’ll wear them. Flexibility is key.  Here are some reasons why our products are worth investing in if you would like to partake in acting against fast fashion:

  1. Versatile jewelry with fun aspect

Instead of mindlessly purchasing items that are on trend, we want you to wear jewelry that is versatile or multifunctional. Our interchangeable charm can be worn and fit any model of hoops, necklace, and bracelet (with condition if it fits the charm size). In other words, one interchangeable charm can create 3 different pieces of jewelry. 

As an example, with buying a pair of our earrings collection, you don’t have to purchase another pair to have a new look. Rather, get another interchangeable charm and have fun being a designer to personalise your own earrings. We also provide various interchangeable charms suited for pearl necklaces.

pansy and clover earrings it pearl necklace + charm

  1. Timeless design with eco-friendly and durable material

Common mistake in fast fashion is producing cheap designs with a lack of quality material. It is enough reason for fast fashion to encourage a "throwaway" consumer mentality. On the contrary, we carefully choose our material quality to extend the life cycle of the product. Most of our products are made of genuine freshwater pearl and natural gemstones which have excellent durability. For centuries, freshwater pearls and natural gemstones maintained their popularity and never lost people’s interest. Therefore, we design our product with trustworthy material that can be adaptable to any trend in the fashion cycle. 
To aim for eco-friendly fashion and restrain unnecessary waste, we use less harmful material on our packaging by avoiding plastic usage and substituting box paper with pouches to store jewelry for a longer time. Although, we still need a lot of study and research to become more environmentally friendly.

scarlet berry pink nutty hibiscus   
  1. Prevent rapid production with worthy price

To prevent rapid production that leads to unnecessary waste, pollution, and exhaustion of nature ,we carefully handcrafted our product in limited stock. We minimize mass-production to reduce the use of resources and material that have a consequence on the environment. Jewelry is an investment,we want to ensure you the best quality by not tolerating exploitation of the environment. Purchasing quality jewelry that lasts longer stops us from impulsive buying as well as allows us to make purchases less frequently. More expensive jewelry provides better value and it eventually will save you money in the long run.  We hope you perceive our product in great value by willingly taking good care of them

pouch + maraschino earrings

The purpose of this article is to give education and encouragement by ignoring society’s judgement. Everyone should be comfortable choosing their own style. We are here not trying to criticize and judge people's preferences. Trend is temporary. Buying goods you actually adore to please yourself makes so much sense. You are never outdated for choosing your own preference style.