Apr 21 2021

we are in love with natural stones

Discovering the right materials to create jewelry is the most important part. It is not all about how appealing jewelry will be, but how it can resonate with the aura inside a person. Rebalancing aura can spiritually harmonize the flow of energy through your body. Creating calming energy and weakening a powerful soul at the same time exactly what we are looking for when handcrafted our jewelry. Jewelry should connect your body and soul to reflect confidence inside a person. Fashion is about beauty, health, and power as in spiritual and physical energy.

We believe different types of natural stones promote different types of healing. Common natural stone usually used for materials on jewelry (and also some of them are used as our materials) are:

1. Agate

Agate stones have color variations, mostly we find yellow, red, orange, blue, green, purple, brown, grey, black, or white. Wearing jewelry containing agate has the benefit as a healing property to overcome anxiety, helps difficulties with sleep disorders, and releases protection against kidney disease. Besides agate stone has a beautiful design and health benefits, since ancient times it encouraged you to help focus and make the right decision when facing financial challenges. Agate stones work well with Rose Quartz. 

Ms. Camellia necklace and Chamomile charm are examples of jewelry using agate stone as its material, specifically using yellow agate which helps support stability to get recentered when having an overwhelmed situation. If you love a touch of vibrant colors and fun energy on jewelry, you should go check those products. 

 2. Rose Quartz

It’s common to see Rose Quartz as a symbol of love that brings soothing energy into a positive relationship. Rose Quartz gives a healing message for those who have been hurt, through the struggle with loneliness, breakup, or divorce. It promotes self-love to help close emotional wounds and lack of inner peace. Besides, Rose Quartz focuses on connecting into your heart chakra and increasing self-awareness. As a result, it gives a strong effect on self-healing for those who always feel worthless and hard to accept love.

The stone is powerful and raises self-esteem. Rose Quartz will result best as a pendant around your neck. Hibiscus charm created from Rose Quartz and has the ability to attract love. As pure energy radiated from its soothing natural color, this charm is perfect for everyday outfits reflecting divine feminine.  

3. Cat’s Eye

Cat’s eye stone is considered a rare and unique stone. The gemstone reflects white lines of a feline eye just like a cat's eye in shades of grey with a perfect oval cut. If you believe in planetary energies, Cat’s Eye stone has the mystical power to bring good fortune and promises good luck. Consider wearing Cat’s Eye jewelry to enhance chances for better results in business or financial ventures. Also, it believes Cat’s Eye is capable of protecting from evil spirits. 

Just like Agate stone, Cat’s Eye stone has different color variations from purple, green, blue, or yellow. Our Butterfly Pea necklace uses Blue Cat’s Eye for its materials to help the wearer's wealth and bless the person from any negative spirit. Blue Cat’s Eye amplifies good luck and fortune. Butterfly Pea necklace reflects confidence and brings creativity. It is gender-neutral jewelry and fits any style. 

4. Aventurine

Keeping Aventurine stone close can manifest prosperity and wealth, boosting energy to gain chances in any situation. It releases bad habits and only brings optimism. The most common Aventurine is in green, even so, it comes in purple, blue, peachy-orange, yellow, or silver-gray. Aventurine stimulates and soothing strength upon the mind and eliminates quick-tempers or uneasy feelings. Any jewelry, necklace, charm, or earrings, made from Aventurine provide a better understanding and appreciation of the universe.

5. Carnelian

Carnelian stone lets our chakra sit on the ground and connects the root chakra, the foundation of all our chakra, to a safe inner place. It brings out power, stimulating warmth and heat, raising their vocal, and holding their morality also principle. Wearing jewelry handcrafted from Carnelian stones helps let go of all unnecessary anger or jealousy and lift up new flames to keep you feeling motivated and listen to your true voice. Carnelian stones glow passion and desire for life.